Architecture, engineering, and construction affect all people and impact the economic performance of nations, but buildings and infrastructure must also be environmentally and socially sustainable. The built environment provides the basis for most of the world's economic and leisure activities. It affects the lives of all humans and impacts the economic performance of corporations and nations.

Since KJE first began, we have had a vision; a clear and simple vision of precise work combined with a high level of personal service. You don't just hire us; we form a partnership with you right from the start. Personal attention is reflected in our commitment of resources and personnel. It's at the heart of the way we work together for your success. A strong sense of purpose keeps us focused on helping you complete your project on schedule and within budget. In every situation, we emphasize an imaginative and cost-sensitive approach to problem-solving. Each of our clients - no matter what size, what stage of development, or type of organization - receives added value from working closely with our full-service firm.

Environmental matters are complicated

and they seem to get more complicated every year. We have been here to solve your toughest environmental problems. If you have been looking for a firm that is fanatical about details, relentless in looking after your best interests, one that keeps you in the loop, and that is always mindful of the big picture, look no further. Your life just got a whole lot easier.

So call or email us to let us know how we can be of assistance. If you call, you won’t get an endless stream of recordings, or even worse: voicemail. If it’s during business hours (or sometimes late into the night), someone will pick up the phone. If you email us, we will respond right away. These are small courtesies, but they are a reflection of the direct, personal service you can expect from everyone here at KJE.