Asbestos inspections are required by law prior to renovation and/or demolition of all commercial buildings. Many cities require proof of an asbestos inspection prior to issuing a permit to renovate or demolish a building within their boundaries.

KJE has on-staff experienced DSHS-licensed asbestos inspectors to provide pre-purchase, pre-renovation, and pre-demolition Asbestos Inspections for buildings ranging in size from an office suite to a manufacturing plant. We also have relationships with abatement contractors and air monitoring consultants to assist our clients in managing asbestos-related needs from inspection through to abatement and clearance.

Mold is found both indoors and outdoors. It can enter a building through open doorways, windows, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems. Mold in the air outside can also be carried indoors and will grow in places with sufficient moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, windows, or pipes, or where there has been flooding, condensation, and humidity.

KJE has DSHS-licensed Mold Assessment Technicians on-staff to provide pre-purchase, or post-water intrusion event Mold Assessments.

Our professionals specialize in the following building and occupant health services:

  • LEED Certification Assistance
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Asbestos Inspections
  • Asbestos Abatement Management
  • Mold Assessments
  • Radon Surveys
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Public Water System Compliance & Drinking Water Sampling